Friday, July 7, 2017

On July 7th EPTANOVA has joined LinkedIn, the social network for professionals and companies.

LinkedIn growth in recent years has been dizzying: it has acquired more than 500 million users who use this social network each day to increase their network and to keep up-to-date about news in their sectors. The social network has now become indispensable for the development of business and more and more enterprises all over the world are implementing their activity on this platform.

EPTANOVA has decided to create a business page on LinkedIn in order to develop a closer relationship with its Community and to increase its international visibility. The presence on the social network will provide a new contact channel, ensuring a direct, fast and timely correspondence between EPTANOVA and its Community, anytime and anywhere. LinkedIn will also be an important occasion to get in touch with professional, creating strategic partnership and business opportunities.

On the Company page will be shared posts and articles about EPTANOVA and advanced finishing world, with a particular attention on industrial printing, screen printing and digital printing. The themes will deal with new products research and development, technological innovations, international exhibitions and events.

The Linkedin company page wants to be a further step in affirming more and more the online presence of EPTANOVA, reinforcing its reliable and unique partner image in the advanced finishing landscape.

Our page on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/eptanova

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