Convention EPTANOVA
Monday, November 14, 2016

EPTANOVA: the partner for advanced finishing

On November 14, in Milan, took place the presentation of EPTANOVA, the new company for the development of advanced finishing solutions, able to offer products for the decoration, protection, functionalization and enhancement of any surface and material.

EPTANOVA is organized into four Business Brands dedicated to specific and complementary markets:

EPTAINKS for the development and production of screen printing and pad printing inks, with brands Manoukian Argon, KFG and Visprox;

EPTAINKS Digital for digital printing inks and tools, for both graphics and textiles, with Verojet brand;

EPTACOAT, with Raiver and Marinline brand, for coating solutions, gelcoats and varnishes;

EPTATECH for prepress products and a wide portfolio of specialties and technological applications, with specific product brands.

The event was an opportunity to showcase and share with stakeholders the company latest important developments, the growth targets and the ambitious future projects.

Thanks to its international network - with branches and commercial offices in Spain, Turkey, India, Bangladesh, Russia and Brazil - EPTANOVA wants to estabilish itself as the partner of choice for advanced finishing, creating a global Community able to respond to customer needs and expectations in a quick and efficient way all around the world, in order to achieve cooperation and mutual sustainability.

EPTANOVA presentation wants to be only a starting point for the Community: the company technologies and products range, in fact, are in continuous development and offer to end-users and brand owners high-quality integrated solutions, suitable for each phase of the finishing processes and for a wide variety of industrial sectors and application technologies, in particular for Industries like Fashion, Leisure, Habitat, Mobility, Signage, Packaging, Security and High Tech.

All this makes EPTANOVA a unique partner in the global landscape.


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