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High Tech


Monofilament polyester fabric for screen printing


Auxiliaries products for screen printing


Bi-component, transparent ink with acrylic-polyester nature, used as primer for sublimation finishing.


Two-pack transparent acrylic enamel, high solid


Modified acrylic thermosetting glossy clearcoat for oven curing


Solvent based modified epoxy ester primer, suitable for air drying and oven curing


Water-diluting, consolidating fixative.


Enamels based on thermoresistant alchidic modified resins, for oven curing, with glossy finishing


Aqueous solution for indoor and outdoor disinfestation.


Modified alkyd resin product for oven curing. It is used as an undercoat layer for top coats


Products based on polyvinyl resins modified with phenolic


Gelcoat with bisphenol A-based resin. This resin has got a higher polarity than the traditional polyester-based resins, suitable for the adhesion on polar substrates, such as wood and metal.


Fiber mastic based on polyester resin and glass fibre.


Fiber-free mastic based on polyester resin.


Iso/neopentyl resin-based gelcoat. It shows a good resistance to moderately alkaline solutions, organic solvents and water, even at high temperatures. It also contains a UV stabilizer.


Gelcoat ormulated on a basis of orthophtalic and isophtalic resins. If processed according to a special procedure, it can be classified as “food safe”.


Mastics based on high elongation polyester resin, without glass fibre. It is distinguished by its low specific weight (lower than 1).


Mould making gelcoats that allow manufacturing articles with a homogeneous surface. Available in the following colours: black, orange, green.


Gelcoat formulated on a basis of orthophtalic resins and inert charges. It is ideal as a filler.


Gelcoat formulated on a basis of vinylester resin, ideal for the manufacturing of items requiring a special chemical resistance.