• EPTANOVA provides finishing solutions for a large number of applications in the Mobility industry, with a products range suitable for different production processes stages.


Industrial coachbuilding
EPTACOAT | Industrial coachbuilding

In a constantly moving world, means of transport have been playing an increasingly importance in everyday life, whether it's for work or leisure.

EPTANOVA provides finishing solutions for a large number of applications in the Mobility industry, with a range of products suitable for different production processes.

Our inks are developed and manifactured for the components decoration of cars, motorcycles, trains, planes, for the marine industry – including the world of luxury and yachting – and for industrial applications.

Each product is designed to provide high durability thanks to different kind of stresses and strains resistance. Our formulation technologies – solvent-based inks and UV inks – allow excellent flexibility of use, adapting to the most difficult and unusual substrates, always ensuring the most detailed printing.

Our range also includes specific functional coatings for the industry, with a particular attention to industrial vehicles and bodywork painting.

Eventually, thanks to our EPTATECH brand, we propose innovative and advanced solutions technologies to make your product unique and let people, things and ideas on the move, all around the world.

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