EPTANOVA Fashion Industry

EPTANOVA markets a wide selection of inks for the textile and fashion industry, developed and produced for screen and pad printing processes as well as for digital printing.

EPTANOVA Habitat Industry

Discover the innovation of EPTANOVA advanced quality finishing and smart solutions, with the elegance, comfort and customization of the finest Interior Design.

EPTANOVA High Tech Industry

EPTANOVA continuous interest for innovation finds application in inks and coatings development for electrical appliances, electronics and in the field of entertainment.

EPTANOVA Leisure Industry

EPTANOVA offer for Leisure industry includes a wide range of solvent based inks and UV inks developed for screen printing, pad printing and digital printing.

EPTANOVA Mobility Industry

EPTANOVA provides finishing solutions for a large number of applications in the Mobility industry, with a products range suitable for different production processes stages.

EPTANOVA Packaging Industry

EPTANOVA products meet the industry specific needs, with applications for food and not-food packaging, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, bottles and labels printing.

Banknotes printing

EPTAINKS develops, manufactures and supplies security inks for different technological applications such as: banknotes, brand protection, ID documents, smart cards and ticketing

EPTANOVA Signage Industry

EPTANOVA develops and manufactures specific inks and coatings for graphic printing in the Signage industry: promotionals printing, advertising, traffic signs, neons and banners.

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