• Solvent based inks are used in screen printing decoration of plastic materials, paper and aggregates (such as metal, glass or wood).

These products ensure – compared to water-based inks – a more accurate details definition and more resistance to chemical, mechanical and external stresses. Solvent-based inks are used, for example, for the decoration of outdoor objects (in the signage industry), bottles, labels, membrane switches and in the automotive and packaging industry.

The solvent-based inks are also employed for the preparation of sliding decals and in the thermoforming process.

Our range of solvent-based inks includes products with different chemical formulations: vinyl inks, vinyl-acrylic, epoxy, polyurethane and cellulose. The choice of the right product is determined by: the substrate, the printing process (direct, CMYK, window sticker), the application features and the resistance that you want to get.


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